Fashion tips for your first baby boy

baby boy fashion tips

If you are just expecting or recently had a baby boy you will be glad to find that fashion tips for your first baby boy are pretty standard for the first six months. It does not really matter what you dress them in at that age the priority is comfort and warmth.

However as they grow older selecting from all the new designer wear could become a real problem. I think I heard someone say on the bus that the renewed interest on fashion for babies and children could well have us spending an additional 30 minutes each day wondering what the child will wear.

This reeks conspiracy and the goal must be emptying our pockets – what do you think? Soon we may be shuddering at the thought of children above 18 months.

Fashion tips for your First baby boy (below 6 months)

Newborns can be cuddly and intuitive but they cannot naturally control their temperature till they are above 6 months. You have to really keep an eye on them and ensure they are not too warm or cool.

Use Layers: Using several layers of clothing can be very effective when it comes to regulating their temperature. You can remove the sweater and leave them in their tees when they get warm and vice versa.

In practice babies will be comfy with an extra layer in comparison with you. On a tee-shirt day for you a light sweater will do. On colder day when you need a parka toasty warm clothing with double everything will be ideal, plus a blanket.

Note: Too many layers could cause uncomfortably high temperatures for your baby. Try to find a mid point that keeps them comfy and not too sweaty. Overheating is not just uncomfortable it’s unhealthy.

The outdoor hat: Each time you are outdoors always carry a wide brimmed hat to protect from sunlight. When it is cold or cool woolen hats are perfect. Many parents save themselves the trouble and just always travel with the warm woolen hat. You can always don the wide brim hat in your bag when you need to take a picture.

In addition the above tips often one piece outfits are ideal at all times, use socks and mittens when necessary, wearable blankets and lots of fleece wear.

Shopping tips for the new family: Especially for people buying clothes for newborns deciding how much to spend for a specific period can be a tough decision. You could read, or have family and friends to help with advice on how to handle growing and number of clothing items.

There is no hard fast rule to determine how often you need to change them and how fast they outgrow clothing. Just keep them warm and clean. If you can afford it heck, spend. Many parents will tell you that shopping for the baby is a great joy for young mothers so do not hold back.

Forget the fashion tips for your first baby boy and just go shopping together for the clothing; spending as much time together is very good for the budding family.

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