The Kids Fashion World Is Keeping Up with the Times

boys fashion trends

Just because your kids are young is no reason they should not be decked out in the latest fashionable items. Just like adult fashion, kids fashion is constantly evolving and changing, and adapting to the latest trends.

If you want to keep your children looking fresh, you need to be up to date on luxury kids fashion. Here are some of the biggest trends shaping what fashionable kids are wearing these days:

1. Slim Is in

Much like adult fashion has gravitated toward clothing cut to accentuate the physique in recent years, designer kids fashion these days is all about slim-fitting pants, shirts, and outerwear.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that the clothes should be skin-tight. Leading kids clothing lines like Caramel Baby and Child specialize in adorable outfits that are slim-fitting without being so close to the skin that your child is uncomfortable. These flattering cuts will have your children looking lean, trim, and on top the trends.

2. Casual, but Not Too Casual

More and more, mothers and fathers are dressing their children in khakis, button down shirts, and other dressier outfits, even when the child isn’t doing anything that calls for them to be “dressed up.” These stylish outfits are similar to what adults might call business casual, but they are great for all occasions. Try dressing your child in a button down shirt, khakis, and a tie (for boys) or a slim-cut sweater (for girls). These great outfits echo the traditional fashion of boarding schools, and keep your child looking great all year round. If your child isn’t used to wearing such dressy clothing, it may take some getting used to at first. But give it a couple days, and they may come to appreciate their stylish wardrobe options.

3. High Tops Are Back in

For a long time, high top shoes had been out of fashion for kids, except for playing sports. But thanks to the influence of street fashion on the mainstream public, high top shoes are making a major comeback. For casual occasions, high tops pair nicely with khakis or jeans, and will keep your kids’ feet comfortable, even while they are walking around all day. If you need some cues when it comes to finding the best pairs of high top sneakers, just think of the classic brands, like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. Your local shoe store will have a great selection of lesser-known brands as well.

4. Accessories Complete the Outfit

Once you have your kid dressed, don’t forget to complete the ensemble with a couple of accessories. For boys, ties, simple analog watches, and handcrafted leather or rope bracelets are great touches that make any outfit memorable. The range of accessories available to girls is even wider. Along with the usual bracelets and necklaces, don’t forget hair bows, sashes, and even child-safe brooches to accentuate their tops. You favourite best kids fashion brands, like Caramel Baby and Child will have a wide selection of accessories to go along with their main children’s lines. Check them out to see what is hot this season, and pick up a couple nice accessories to pair with your child’s outfits.

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