Top Baby Clothing Essentials

baby clothing essentials

The greatest thing about getting ready for your newborn is to purchase clothes for the baby. Dressing newborn and babies is so much fun! Many new moms discover that they bought way to many newborn clothes in small sizes, but forgot other important items like soft baby towels. If you are expecting a baby, you need to prepare yourself in advance for everything and have a collection of essential baby clothes ready when you come home from the hospital.

Newborns grow very fast and baby clothing has a very short life so you need to always purchase three to six months older clothing ahead of time. Here are some tips which will help you to make right choices when shopping for baby shirts and bodysuits. Always buy enough clothes for your newborn to cover three clothing changes per day.

Always choose soft, natural material like cotton, which is comfortable to wear and easy to launder. Cotton is also great as it is durable and long-lived. When you buy pants and shirts, select elastic waistbands and t-shirts with buttons at the shoulders so they come easily on and off. Avoid big buttons or bows as they might be uncomfortable for your baby to lay on. For the first months, prefer loose clothes such as sweat pants that give plenty of room for your baby to move her legs. Another good ideas is to buy shapeless heels socks as they grow with your baby, but avoid buying patterned socks, as the loose yarn on the inside might get caught between your baby’s toes.

Which baby clothing essentials should you have ready?

  • You will need about 5 to 7 undershirts or bodysuits
  • About 3 to 5 sleepwear items
  • A few warm clothes like sweaters or fleece wear
  • A pair of caps to keep your baby’s head protected from the breeze
  • A couple pairs of baby socks
  • Two blankets to protect your little sunshine from the cold in the stroller
  • Two sets of soft baby towels

Parents do not have to worry about being plain and boring as selections of baby suits are practically unlimited. While there are the plain white ones, there are also those that come in different colours. Most people are not satisfied with a plain colour and go for bold prints and designs to make their baby’s clothes look extra cute.

There are really only a few companies out there that offer quality baby clothes. These companies release clothes that come in fun and quirky designs perfect for that cheery atmosphere in welcoming the baby. Customisable baby suits are often the cutest. Parents, or grandparents for that matter, can even design their own by buying plain rompers.

They can sew patches and other detailing, nothing beats an original handmade design.

Note: It is important to remember to use baby-friendly materials. For instance, textile paint that allows people to spell out words on clothes should be nontoxic. At the same time the buttons and other elements in the design should be carefully sewn. This is to guarantee that they will not get loose and end up being a choking hazard for your precious little one.


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